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Why upload speeds are usually slower than download speeds?
Most broadband vendors design their networks with 'typical usage' in mind. For the Internet, that means most people spend a lot more time downloading (music, videos, web sites, etc) than uploading (sending email, etc). By using this design, the savings (in a lower cost network) are passed on to you. Note: Many broadband vendors do offer a service where the upload speed matches the download speed, but at a premium monthly fee!

Why are my results different every time I run the test?
The varying amount of data traffic on the Internet (and your own LAN if applicable) affects the speed of any connection at any given time.

Other speed test sites give different results than yours, which is correct?
In addition to varying traffic, the data will travel across different networks depending on where the server is located. In addition, the quality of the speed test server will affect the accuracy of the test.

How can my $50 cable connection be faster than a $800 T1?
Today's ADSL and cable connections offer users great download speeds for low prices. When these connections work well they will download faster than a T1 connection. T1's still offer some advantages including: Reliable service, Faster upstream speeds, Available in more locations.

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