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Internet Filtering Software     

With our filtering software, you don’t have to sacrifice service and quality in order to keep your family safe online. The filter is designed to be compatible, fast, easy to maintain, dependable and customizable. It’s the most comprehensive Internet Filter on the market.

It Includes:

  • Web Filter – Prevents access to bad web sites
  • Peer-to-Peer Blocker – Prevents Usage
  • Application Control – Kills rogue applications
  • Personal Firewall – Stops Hacker Attempts
  • Intrusion Detection – Detects intruders
  • Popup Blocker – Stops Popups

Accurate - Automated updates (Server-side updates eliminate bothersome list downloads). Professional libraries developed with advanced technology and human review, are located at our secure, regional data centers.

Fast - Will not slow down your internet speed!

Secure - Tamper resistant protection from knowledgeable teens. Plugs many "holes" and work-arounds that parents arent aware of.

Great Features - Optional "no password override" meaning no guessed at or cracked passwords, resulting in maximum protection for children and adults.

  1. Up to 3 PC’s per household and up to 5 profiles per PC.
  2. Auto profile creation using existing Windows profiles.
  3. Password Override feature allows page by page decision with administrator password.
  4. Category Block/Unblock
  5. Web site Block/Unblock lists
  6. White List feature that only allows web sites listed in URL Unblock list.
  7. Application blocking allows you to control P2P programs, Instant Messaging, and other software.
  8. Time of Day feature allows you to control Internet activities for specific times of day.
  9. “Percent Block” capability shuts down attempts to circumvent the filter.
  10. “All in One” desktop control center and web based “My Account” tools for local or group account management.

Compatible - Downloaded program works with your existing Internet connection, anywhere in the world (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Dial-up, AOL, MSN, etc.). NO NEED TO CHANGE ISPs!

Easy to use - Installs with pre-programmed setup options, meaning there are no complicated decisions. You wont know the filter protection is there until you or your family need it!

Easy to start - If you are able to click a few buttons, you can download a free 10 day trial now (click on the red "Try Now" button)! System Requirements – 1MB Disk Space,